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If you are a professional or keen amateur looking to rent a photo studio from time to time, then The Canon Studio is a one stop solution for you.

The holy grail of every passionate photographer is having a studio of their own, a controlled environment in which they can practice their craft and freely create the kinds of images they desire.

Our studio is outfitted with

Continuous Lighting

  • High CRI Bi-Colour LED Panel Lights

  • Soft-boxes for LED Panels

  • Directional Grid for LED Panels

  • High CRI Bi-Colur Focusing Lights

  • Clean Beam via Aspherical Lens System

  • Projection Lens for Focusing Lights

  • Effects Filter Set for Focusing Lights

  • Gobo Set for Focusing Lights

Strobe Lighting

  • Studio Flash

  • Light Sensitive Trigger

  • Soft-box for Strobe Lights

Other Amenities 

  • Tripod

  • 40 Inch LCD TV

  • Mirror: For make-up

  • Wooden Stands ( for product shoots )

  • Light BOX

  • Bar stool

  • An area of 850 Sq feet.

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